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Thousands new android and iOS mobile applications hit App Stores every week. According to AppBrain, growth rate of Google PlayStore is more than 1,300 apps every day and Statista reported in 2015 that Apple App Store was growing by nearly 1,000 apps every day. These staggering numbers show how far mobile application development has reached, despite being newly incepted. However, this raises another concern. With so much on developmental front, how many of these apps are secure enough to be trusted with sensitive and personal information?

From Paper to Paperless - Evolution of Architectural Working Drawings | Blog |

Stacks of files, papers, sticky notes and reminders – this is the view inside every construction company’s office. From builders to contractors, everyone hates paperwork. Unfortunately, no matter how tedious this may seem, the importance of paperwork is undeniable. All of us know how many unnecessary disputes and unjustified claims have been stopped just because of well-documented design documentation.

Best Wine Cooler Reviews of 2017

Wine coolers aren’t just for connoisseurs or sommeliers. If you like drinking wine, you’ve probably thought about investing in a wine cooler. Wine coolers are multi-purpose appliances and perform several storage functions. Not only do they keep your wine at just the right temperature, they can store oils, vinegars and other beverages too. When all’s said and done, a decent wine chiller is an economical and classy way to show off your wine collection if you don’t want to invest in a walk-in wine cellar. In the last decade or so, sales of wine coolers have increased as American households consume more roses, reds and whites. If you want a cabinet to showcase your bottles, look for one that fits with the room it’ll be inhabiting and acts as a talking point. You might also want to think about getting yourself one of those fancy wine decanters too!

3 storage strategies to improve warehouse efficiency

One might ask, why should I put efforts into improving the efficiency of the warehouse when there are thousand other demands to be met? Well, why would you not if it means quicker deliveries, more satisfied customers AND increased profits? All the big players like Amazon and Zappos have created a niche for themselves by relying on accurate and on-time delivery of their products. But don’t they use the same shipping methods like everyone else? Well in fact they do! So it stands to reason that it is their extremely well-engineered warehousing, a step before shipping that gives them an edge over others. Therefore, an efficient warehouse is crucial for a successful distribution company.

Thoughtful, Powerful & Mesmerizing: The “Tribhanga” Orchestration of Dr. Citaristi

“She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.” I think nothing fits more aptly than these famous lines from Eleanor and Park for me to describe Tribhanga’s concluding day’s performances. I am still awestruck by the powerful and invigorating performances of the repertoire group of Dr. Citaristi. Dr. Citaristi is so comfortable in her composure, her attire and her Indian ways, that it was hard for me to take her as

Doing secure iOS and Android Mobile Application Development |

comScore Inc, an analytics and media measurement company, explains in its recent report that Apple is the leading OEM Smartphone Manufacturer with around 43.4% market share and Android is the leading smartphone platform with 52.9% market share. With the mobile device market being flooded with these two leaders, there is a high chance that you may lose nearly half of your target audience if you develop a business mobile application for a single platform only. Both Apple and Android have their own merits and demerits.

BluEntCAD affiliates itself to CTBUH - Delivering Efficient Architectural Drawing Services | BluEntCAD.CA

In a welcome step, BluEntCAD affiliated itself to the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. We are now a proud member of CTBUH, and aim to expand our market of delivering construction documentation services to other parts of the world. CTBUH is the world leader for professionals who focus on inception, designing, construction and operations of tall buildings and smart cities. The council was founded in 1969 and has its headquarters in Chicago.